Go to Your username is the email address that you created the account with. If you forgot your password or don’t remember creating one, then click on “forgot password” after entering your username. You will then get an email with a link to reset your password. Once reset, follow the link to the portal again, and enter your username and password. If after attempting this, you are having troubles, please contact Heather at 847-366-6099 (text/call) or email .

The easiest way to sign is to log in to your client portal and go to the documents section. From there:

1) Click on “Documents from VanBaum and Associates”
2) Click on the dropbox off to the right of the screen where it says, “Review and Sign as “Your name” or “Review and sign as “your spouse’s Name”
3) Click on the actual words in the box “Review as…” and it should pop up with the documents to sign.
4) Sign using your mouse or finger in the yellow boxes and date the yellow boxes.
5) Once all the yellow boxes are signed (they will turn green), scroll up to the very top of the page and click “Send Signatures”
6) Repeat this process for your spouse if applicable
Please Text or Call Heather at 847-366-6099 if you’ve attempted to sign and are having trouble.

You will see a section called “your projects”. Once there, you’ll have tabs for “Interview”, “Documents” ,“Invoices”- Click on the “documents” tab. Once there you can drag or click to upload your files. Once you have all the documents uploaded, you click on “DONE”.
Yes, everyone’s lives change year to year, and this is the best way we can stay up to date with any changes for your tax return. If some of the personal information is exactly the same as last year, you can skip those questions.
Do you have an outstanding invoice? The software allows you to review and sign your tax return only after you’ve paid your invoice.